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    Tristan Phase's Mash-Ups


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    Tristan Phase's Mash-Ups

    Post  tristan.phase on Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:50 pm

    Hey guys,

    My name is Tristan Phase. I'm a fairly new DJ in the music world, and I've only been around for about 4 months and producing music for 1 month. Mr. Acapella has helped me out immensely with finding the Acapellas for awesome songs, as I like to release Mash-Ups while I am working on original mixes. I have 3 remixes out currently, but absolutely plan on releasing many more. If any of you guys could take a listen and Like my Facebook page as well as subscribe to my YouTube page, that would be awesome! Here are the links to all of my stuff:

    Clear Dice (Tiesto & Allure//Zedd feat. Foxes)-
    Summers I Don't Like Chasing (Tiesto//Eva Simons) -
    Catch My Language (Porter Robinson//Kelly Clarkson) -

    Facebook Page:

    Thanks a lot guys! I'll be sure to keep this thread updated with each new release.

    Tristan Phase

    Also, you can email me anytime at for a free copy of these tracks and any other ones I release!

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