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    DJ GodrikGen Mashups Vol. 1 ENTIRE ALBUM FOR FREE!


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    DJ GodrikGen Mashups Vol. 1 ENTIRE ALBUM FOR FREE!

    Post  GodrikGen on Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:28 pm

    So i just released my mashup album 'Vol. 1'

    20 top mashups on 2 CDs


    1-01 Sunshine Gives You Hell Tonight
    1-02 We R Insane Like A Bromance (Boom!)
    1-03 Blessed Humans Got Us To Save The World (And Raise Their Glass) [Clean]
    1-04 You Roll Up In My Head Black & Yellow
    1-05 What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Faster Airplanes
    1-06 Danza Kuduro Takes Over Sexy Control
    1-07 Whenever Memory Hurts, We Are Waving Flags With Lollipops
    1-08 Better With The Domino off!
    1-09 Britney Spears Meets Jason Derulo: I Wanna Go Home
    1-10 We Found Ghost N Love
    2-11 It Girls Whistle At Cars
    2-12 Hold It Against Beautiful People
    2-13 Gregory Missed Your Bleeding Love
    2-14 Troublemaker Dance At Payphones
    2-15 Dance Without You (Again)
    2-16 Rain Will Chase Hungover Animals 3x
    2-17 Ich Liebe Hamma Encore-Molotovs
    2-18 One Day You'll Be Touchin On My
    2-19 It's Too Late (R.I.P.)
    2-20 MonsterMash (Bonus Track)

    Follow this link to get to my facebook fanpage where you can download the album! Smile


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